What is Marketing?

Types of Marketing strategies

Niche selection

Traditional Marketing & Modern Marketing

Shift on the Digital Platform

Free Content / Paid Content

Why there is a lot of traffic on the free content

What marketers are doing on the free content platform



Marketing is…

The version of myself that I aspire to be

2025- Medium of digital marketing is fulfilling all the prominent sectors. Globalization with digital technology made it true. Numerous things are on just your hand (mobile/tab/computer/laptop with proper internet). It has become the truth.

Narendra Singh/Naren (chercheur), A name which is…

What is Research:

People are always thinking, and it is a standard process that is still going on in the background of the mind/ human brain. Humans are so innovative and ever want to start something new or upgrade it in the existing one, but it is challenging for any…

Narendra Singh/ Naren(Chercheur)

Writer, academician, researcher, consultant

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