What is Marketing?

Types of Marketing strategies

Niche selection

Traditional Marketing & Modern Marketing

Shift on the Digital Platform

Free Content / Paid Content

Why there is a lot of traffic on the free content

What marketers are doing on the free content platform



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Marketing is very general in daily life. From ancient time, we human are part of the marketing system. It is the system that made life easier for people. How does it happen? It is simple. Marketing people bring all the required things to the general people with a price (This price was…

The version of myself that I aspire to be

2025- Medium of digital marketing is fulfilling all the prominent sectors. Globalization with digital technology made it true. Numerous things are on just your hand (mobile/tab/computer/laptop with proper internet). It has become the truth.

Narendra Singh/Naren (chercheur), A name which is most trusted by big research agencies, publication, ad agencies and multinational companies for their campaigning in the various segments. I would like to be on the prominent known PR expert who could appropriately crake the multiple deals and build corporate relation for the better future. …

What is Research:

People are always thinking, and it is a standard process that is still going on in the background of the mind/ human brain. Humans are so innovative and ever want to start something new or upgrade it in the existing one, but it is challenging for any individual that it is so confusing from where they need to start. Isn’t it?

It is human nature, we are always indulged in the thought process, whether it is relevant to us or not, but it is the continues process that is going on in the brain. It is also…

Narendra Singh/ Naren(Chercheur)

Writer, academician, researcher, consultant

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